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Thomas Troy Home designs so that your lifestyle integrates, flows and harmonizes with your space. Years of experience and a natural flair for the design process sets us apart. His spatial design is the glue that joins the building environment disciplines together with the people they are designed to serve.


Licensed as a builder in three different states, Thomas Troy Home handles all aspects of construction. For new projects, we will make sure the location is perfect, install all of the utility infrastructure and deal with the municipal departments for permits. We have forged relationships with trusted area contractors so your project will be worked by competent resources vetted by Thomas Troy Home (so you don’t have to) and professionally equipped to complete any new or rehab project.



Thomas Troy Home is uniquely qualified in selecting the perfect home décor items such as lighting fixtures, furniture, appliances, window coverings and outdoor living. Creating and connecting lifestyles and space.


A single bathroom or kitchen, to a full home renovation, Thomas Troy Home is the perfect choice for that perfect space.

Project Management

A skilled, hands on overseer who not only knows how to use space but how to blend your desires into it, makes for an excellent project manager. You can be present only for the most important decisions or provide input for each building phase. Thomas Troy Home treats each experience as an authentic labor of love motivated by the joy of creating space.